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Privacy Policy

We take your privacy, the privacy of your business and the privacy of your email lists and data with utmost seriousness.

In order to provide our services we may require detailed information about your members or customers such as, but not limited to; email address, IP address, signup date, signup method, product purchases, username and/or first name, gender and preferences. This information will be used to create effective targeted campaigns. We may also utilize our software as well as any tracking tools you make available to us to track various email and sales related activity such as, but not limited to email views, clicks and pageviews in order to gauge performance and further optimize your email delivery.

We never request any password or billing information, such as credit card numbers, from your customers. Your customers will be routed to your website(s) and landing pages only.

Any information you provide us about your clients, members or users is considered as your property. We will never share, sell or otherwise redistribute any information you provide and will only use it to perform the agreed upon email marketing services, unless required to do so in connection with legal process or in compliance with any law, regulation or order of a court or regulatory agency of competent jurisdiction.

All data is stored on secured servers in a state-of-the-art datacenter utlizing appropriate hardware and software to ensure security of all data.



We do not tolerate spam. Every client will undergo our due dilligence process in order to ensure integrity and ownership of the provided email list. All gathering methods must be CANSPAM complaint. If any deficiencies are found we can assist you in meeting the necessary requirements. However, we will not provide our services if your email list has been purchased or acquired in a way deemed as malicious or disingenuous by us.

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