effective email marketing
to increase revenue


We provide the most comprehensive managed email solutions, handling all aspects of email on your behalf so that you can focus on your core business while we engage your existing customer base, building an active relationship and turning onetime customers into returning customers. We utilize proriatary software, and a scalable infrastructure and an experienced staff allowing us to provide this service to you at a much lower cost than would be required for an inhouse department.

Just some of the things we handle for you:


Campaign Design

We'll review your client activity identifying effective methods to increase your revenue through a customized email marketing campaign.

Delivery Monitoring

Delivery is vital to success and we'll track delivery rates and take appropriate actions to remedy any issues to provide Inbox delivery.

Newsletter Design

Leveraging extensive experience in sales, conversion and email delivery we'll create targeted emails which are sure to engage your customer and bring them to your landing pages

List Management

Managing a list requires a large investment on your part. We'll process unsubscribe requests, spam complaints, bad email addresses and more, to ensure your email lsit stays current and effective.

Compliance and Best Practices

We make sure you're in compliance with applicable laws such as CANSPAM, and follow all best practices outlined by all major email providers.

Blacklist Monitoring

We continously check many black lists and delivery errors. If we do find any problems we'll take approriate action to rectify the issue and identify the root cause

Dedicated Servers and IP's

We utilize dedicated servers, IPs and maintan up-to-date configurations required for proper email delivery.

Campaign Optimization

We track email views, clicks combiend with your sales reports we can further optimize to raise your customer interest, increase exposure and show bottom line results.

You're not maximizing earnings if you don't have a comprehensive email marketing plan

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